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  • 18/08/2016

An Artistic Escape

By Olha Romaniuk

Taking the name of the property close to heart, a befittingly poetic residence that provide a respite from the outside world welcomes you into an interior space that achieves a seamless balance of comfort and grandeur. Set in an evergreen sanctuary, your tropical haven submerges you into a tranquil setting that feels miles away from the bustling metropolis. What better setting than this to let your inner artist out.
All interior design style components of this Singapore residence fall into place to accommodate your entry, starting with the foyer where your gaze draws closer to a glass enclosed water feature that sets the mood for relaxation. A mirror ceiling exaggerates the sense of height and visually extends the water feature beyond the confines of the ceiling. Carefully selected décor – a seahorse lamp, a custom crafted console – complete the setting, while the feature links the entry and the living room together in one sweeping move.



The interior design of the residence connects spaces freely with one another. Whether a formal dinner or a relaxing chat on a U-shaped sofa, you are at ease to socialise from any corner of the combined living and dining area. Here, spending time together is encouraged via the placement of furnishings to create a cosy ambiance conducive to group gatherings. Meanwhile, rich materials, like silver travertine with pronounced textures, grand, multi-tiered chandeliers and lush drapery, create a sense of grandness befitting of more formal occasions.


For a blissful relaxation session or to bask in solitude and serenity of the setting, the master bedroom is a fitting retreat, cladded in neutral and grey tones to soothe the eye and allow room for the heavier textiles that provide a warm touch to the setting. Disconnect from the world in the comfort of suitably sized chaise longue in the master bedroom or settle in with a book in a well lit study room. Right here, in this expressive enclave, you are free to let your inspiration take hold and let your creative side flourish once and for all.

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