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  • 27/07/2016

An Urban Oasis

By Olha Romaniuk

Picture 1
A promise of an escape into the timeless elegance of a luxury resort uncovers a respite from the everyday mundane at The Show Suite at The Orchard Residences. You are extended an invitation to enter a setting of refined lavishness, inspired by the alluring magnetism of an exclusive, rejuvenating retreat, all in the heart of a bustling city.

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The show suite spaces reveal the contemporary resort inspiration through natural materials and rich textures. Beautifully accentuated, intricate organic patterns in the grains of the wood and in the veins of the marble bring you closer to nature, as the lustre of gold trimmings around wall features, mirrors and paintings weaves an undercurrent story of understated, subtle luxury.

Timeless furnishings from the world’s most iconic brands complement their timeless settings, while resort-inspired touches and elements, like elaborate woodcarvings, candle holders and essential oil burners that permeate the air with the calming scent of lemongrass, transport you to an exclusive sanctuary away from the stress of traffic jams and last-minute deadlines. Have a meal in the intimately configured dining niche or let your hair down on an exquisite, silk soft living room sofa – the choice is yours on how to unwind and relax.
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Beyond the confines of the walls, expansive views out to the city await and mesmerise as you watch the sun set into the horizon and melt your worries away in the private comfort of a daybed. The boundaries between the interior and the exterior are blurred. You are, at once, one with the city and miles away from it, in a fantasy resort that is all your own, with that yearning for a tropical getaway, satisfied.

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