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  • 11/07/2016

Bringing Comfort To Luxury

By Olha Romaniuk


Here, comfort and luxury go hand in hand, setting up an environment that is, at once, cosy and statement-making. Throughout the interior spaces, fine-grained wood surfaces and rich earthy finishes envelop with their comfort, while stately, marble-cladded floors and walls educe opulence and luxury. Gold accents enliven the spaces with delicate glimmer. Soft cove lighting brings subtle highlights throughout, adding to the overall warmness and tranquillity.


Balance and meticulous attention to details are found everywhere, in the careful proportions of surface treatments, in the reciprocity between the grandeur of marble and wood finishes and the soothing lushness of textiles, drapery and bedspreads. Used throughout the residence, the presence of dark surface finishes is further balanced with the selection of light blue furniture from Poltrona Frau in the living and dining areas.


The master bedroom is a welcoming retreat and exudes calmness and luxury. The marble-cladded bedhead is a splendid centrepiece anchoring the space together with its prominent black and gold textural interlacements. Custom-made oval night stands bring in a reprieve from angular surfaces, while the handpicked Louis Poulsen pendant lamp enjoys its time in the spotlight against a dark wood panel backdrop.
In the daughter’s room, play and study areas coexist next to each other, with a generously sized bunk bed and study table inset into a raised platform that is spacious enough to be used for playtime activities. Storage and display cabinets accommodate plenty of toys and books, while maintaining a clean and uncluttered feel.


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