Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Prestige Global Designs recognises and understands the importance of your online privacy. Prestige Global Designs will not collect or use any personal information about you without your consent. This Privacy Policy Statement sets out the different types of information we collect, and what we do with the data. If you elect to subscribe to the services provided by Prestige Global Designs, your details will be added to our mailing list. We will only use these details to email you about Prestige Global Designs news and events. Your details will not be deliberately put on the mailing lists of any third parties and neither your email address nor your name will be divulged to anyone else. If you have any further enquiries relating to our Privacy Policy, please contact us.


The entire content of this website is owned and/or licensed by Prestige Global Designs unless otherwise stated. The content of this website, or parts thereof, may not be produced or published in any form, commercially displayed or distributed, adapted or used to create derivative works without the express written consent of Prestige Global Designs.

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