At Prestige Global Designs, we have been blessed to work with many clients and we would like to share their experiences. Here are testimonials from several of the firm’s clients.

A PERFECT TEN! by Shaun & Za Seow

A perfect ten! That’s how family members and friends have rated our home designed by Michael Ong from Prestige Global Designs.Right from the word go, when Michael presented his proposal, ( based on our inputs) it felt right.
After all home is where the heart is and Michael’s designs reflected that to the core. Nothing ostentatious, no ‘in your face’ approach, nothing OTT (over the top), just quietly elegant, with all the right elements.
From the wall bracket for our son’s punching bag ( in his gym) to the cosmic angel light in the dining area, Michael’s eye for design and detail is clearly evident.
A patient, warm and affable person, Michael has been the voice of reason and objectivity when we couldn’t resolve certain aspects of the designs which appeared minor,albeit essential to the overall scheme. After all, what works good is better that what looks good because what works… lasts!
We are proud of our home and Michael has made the whole experience relatively painless and seamless. As they say.. A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing to take away.
Kudos to Michael Ong and his team. We would recommend him at the drop of a hat to anyone who wants great design. Simply because good design is obvious but great design is transparent!

Shaun & Za Seow

EXCELPOINT by Mr Albert Phuay

Amongst the many interior designers whom I had worked with over the years for my office, I can confidently endorsed that Michael Ong is indeed one who has the true qualities, passion and commitment of a professional interior designer.
This testimonial is specially written to express my heartfelt appreciation for the brilliant designs and professional services offered by Michael Ong and his team.
As a Chairman of a listed company, I set high standards for myself and my company. Hence, I was very particular and needed an interior designer who is both responsible and creative enough to meet all my expectations and needs for my personal office.
Designing my 2500sqft office was a great challenge for the 3 design companies who were invited to bid for the job. However, Michael’s uniquely tailored design concepts, personalized service and highly responsible attitude has definitely set him apart from the rest.
During the whole process from design conceptualization, site management to the completion of the whole project, Michael’s attentiveness to details, positive and prompt attitude to go the extra miles just to please his client has further increased my confidence in him and his team.
Needless to say, the whole project was completed in time and I am very pleased with the final design and feel of my office with all my expectations fulfilled.
For all the extra efforts Michael has put in beyond his call of duty with excellent works and services rendered, I am most happy to provide a testimony to his future prospective clients.

Mr Albert Phuay
Chairman & Group CEO
Excelpoint Technology Limited 


I am glad to have engaged the services of Prestige Global to renovate my 4 bedroom flat
I am very pleased with your professionalism in achieving an opulent appeal, evoking a feel of glamour yet creating a completely stimulating environment to live in. Your consistent attention to this renovation work and completing it as scheduled is an excellent case in point.
I am very satisfied with the renovation works done and have no hesitation in recommending your company to my friends or anyone who is looking for a reliable renovation contractor to do the job.
I wish you and your company many more prosperous years in the business.

Cynthia Loh
Regional Training Manager
Coty Prestige Asia Limited
Hong Kong


My wife and I were introduced to Michael Ong of Prestige Global through a good friend, who highly recommended his services to us.
Like most homeowners, we were very anxious about the design transformation to the old Terrace house that we bought at Joo Chiat Avenue. There were several challenging requirements that we needed to incorporate in our new home so as to suit our lifestyles. These requirements include more usable space with the considerations of Feng-Shui and specific orientations for the main entrance, altar, stove and our bed.
Michael, with his enthusiastic, patient and responsible attributes, had carefully and meticulously addressed all of our important concerns and removed our worried one after another. Michael has now become our trusted advisor and a good friend.
I was impressed at certain incidents where he could have made more profits from us, but his professional advice has proven the opposite. For example, he had helped us save a substantial amount of S$8000 on our electrical works.
We were both very busy with our work. Back then, I had to travel and was away for a long period of time. Michael did not fail to keep me informed on the progress. He also cleverly amazed us with little surprises at no extra charge!
Our experience working with Michael has been the most memorable one! He has helped us realize our dream home, which has become the envy of our neighbours! We will definitely recommend Michael Ong as the “Creator of Dream Homes”

Mr & Mrs Teo


We are very impressed with the whole outcome of the renovation done to our Telok Kurau home. We could not have achieved this if we had not chosen your team to design our home. Michael would also spend time to talk to us and advise us of their ideas and the progress of the renovation works. The family is always kept updated and each time we arrive to take a look at the progress of the renovation, we were impressed by the job done by the contractors. 
We had our house warming last October and feedbacks received from everyone invited were positive. In fact, all our relatives, cousins and friends were awed at the beauty of the final outlook of our home. Overall, our family is truly happy and impressed with the full English classical design done to our home. With honesty, reasonable pricing, disciplined, good post renovation services and having a dedicated team of workers, your company has exceeded our expectations and has made our home a very wonderful place to be.

Mr & Mrs Sidik


We know what a tremendous challenge it was to provide for all of our requirements in the very limited space that we had available. His design plan is complete, beautiful and functional. He’s also very talented in furniture arrangement. He can look at a room and know what stays and goes and where to place furniture to create the desired look, atmosphere, and function. The end result is a wonderful work environment that is beautifully tailored. 

Under his patient direction, our wishes have been developed into furnishings that we love. We have been amazed time and again by how he comes up with “just what we were looking for”. The visual effect is dramatic and Michael was able to create the exact tone, look and feel that we were trying to achieve. He is energetic, enthusiastic, and so much fun that it is always a pleasure to do business with him. I highly recommend his services if you love your home and need help in pulling it all together.

Jeremiah & Dorothy


Michael Ong is a highly professional and creative interior designer, who knows how to make innovative design ideas come to life. His follow through and integrity is very impressive and remarkable as he delivers a holistic package of interior design services for our office and home. He seeks to not only ameliorate the aesthetic appeal of a space but to also enhance its functions. From our initial meeting, we felt very comfortable with Michael and trusted his knowledge and abilities to deliver excellent advice and professional service. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about every aspect of design. His specialist knowledge expands from the construction layout of a space to scale and symmetry. He is able to integrate our ideas so that our space is our own while giving our ideas the refinement and polish of a professional interior designer. He has extensive knowledge and training in each phase of project development which is useful for any potential client. He is an expert interior designer whom we can have confidence and trust in managing every aspect of our designing needs, even down to the most trivial detail. Whenever we require any assistance or advice from him, he is always there to respond in a timely and appropriate manner. Getting the quality service and desired end result we want is admittedly difficult, Michael nonetheless treats our needs with great care and pays close attention to our personal taste, lifestyle and budget.

Mr & Mrs Phuay


Michael has been both personable and professional in the discharge of his duties. His attention to details, willingness to go the “extra mile” to secure the highest standards in interior design, knowledge of his trade were some key features of his service to us. He also displayed patience when we vacillated in our opinions and was meticulous in the follow through of the promises he made to us. When my wife and I differed in our preferences, Michael was quick to suggest options and alternatives that were mutually satisfactory to both of us. In this regard, he is emotionally intelligent. His manner is as one who is meek and gentle, yet able to persuasively and at times, firmly, put his point across

Mohan & Wee Eng

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