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  • 08/08/2016

The House of Prestige

By Olha Romaniuk

With the recent transformation of our showroom on River Valley Road in Singapore into a more luxurious destination for our current and future clients, the revamped space is an embodiment of our signature contemporary classical style, our detail-oriented approach to interior design and our penchant for creating bespoke and lavish spaces that articulate the sense of exquisitely crafted grandeur. With this respect, our showroom is a showcase of the work that we pride ourselves on doing, giving a glimpse of the level of detail and care that we put into our residential and commercial projects alike.

Picture 1

From the moment of entering through the parting glass doors, an air of elegance and demure sophistication welcomes you upon an entry to the showroom. A stately, life-size statue of a horse that doubles up as a unique lighting feature greets you inside and, curiously, you venture further into the warmly lit, rectilinear space.

Picture 2
Picture 3

Conjuring up a setting of an upscale hotel, you encounter familiar elements – a lobby-like, processional entryway and a concierge desk, designed to stand out with its glowing onyx feature. Strips of accent lights framing the edges of the lobby’s wall panels, polished marble floor and a dramatic, reflective ceiling create a sense of space and height and reinforce the elongated perspective. Carefully selected finishes in neutral colours bring cohesiveness and sophistication – veneer and spray paint panelling pair well with the lavish Hermes wallpaper – while statement furniture pieces in rich, saturated fabrics liven up the space with pops of colour.

Picture 4

As you settle into one of the comfortable wing chairs, you feel at ease in a warm, lounge-like setting, perfect for browsing through a catalogue or enjoying an engaging conversation over a cup of tea. A TV, hidden within a built-in cabinet, can be pulled up during design presentations, facilitating creative exchanges of ideas, or concealed behind the cabinet doors when not in use, transforming the space back into a cosy lounge. Indeed, the formality of a showroom is gone and you are free to make yourself at home in a tranquil, luxurious space that is as well suited for relaxation as it is for discussing your next interior design project.


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