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  • 18/07/2016

Updating the Classics

By Olha Romaniuk

A well-executed contemporary classical design approach in residential applications goes beyond combining fine architectural details and sophisticated furnishings with clean-lined geometries and bold shapes and assesses how well these elements come together and how they can complement each other within a space. The result is elegant and enduring; a design that is neither trendy nor outdated in its approach.

With the notion that tradition and modernity can coexist, three homes’ interiors exemplify the refined appeal that a contemporary classical style can bring to a dwelling. Defined by a combination of distinctly classical interior proportions with timeless geometric shapes and warm brown and neutral colour palettes, one unit in a cluster house development and two condominium apartments offer inspired examples of spaces that transcend the typecasts of any specific time periods.


An impactful yet inviting living room delivers a balance in creating a striking first impression with its formal seating arrangement and distinctly classical proportions and in setting up a welcoming living space with the use of warm brown tones and accent lighting. Neutral lines and bold prints on the carpet and fixtures enliven the space, while the unique organic cluster of pendant lamps anchors the overall composition together.

In the dining room of this unit, the colour palette is deliberately muted, immediately enhancing the presence of the stately, classical proportions of the wall panelling that, in turn, frame the display of photographic works on each wall. The classical dining table and chairs are the central masterpieces of the room, setting up a reciprocal dialog with the decisively contemporary lamp that hangs in place of a typical chandelier.



Beadings and treatment of the walls in the bedroom continue the classical language introduced in the dining room. Strong linear geometry asserts itself in the bedhead behind the plush bed cushions but is softened by the unobtrusive brown and neutral colours used throughout the room. A statement piece – a leather wingback chair in deep blue – draws the gaze to itself and neutralises the earthy shades that dominate the rest of the bedroom.

A corridor at this condominium unit proves that it, too, can be more than a simple transitional space. As with the rest of the spaces within the unit, where the design capitalises on simple, clean lines to create some pleasing spatial arrangements, the corridor takes on a captivating identity of its own, where strong geometry and symmetry govern and guide through the space. Contemporary artworks and picture lamps, along with the directional cove lighting above, remind of a formal art gallery display, while the brown and beige tones remain pleasant to the eye in their contrasting colour pairings.

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